Back Pain Problem: What Is The Cause And How Can You End It?

All over Malaysia, one of the most common pains felt by adults is the back pain. It gets even worse among busy businesspeople. The most common causes of this type of pain have their origin in the work environment and our Malaysian daily work habits.

In general, the main reason lies in an inappropriate way of sitting. In addition, jobs that require physical exertion and repetitive and mechanical movements increase the possibility of suffering back pain.

When businesspeople go through the unending troubles of back pain, these complications lead to problems for both the business and the businesspeople themselves.

Without a doubt, the state of a business is directly impacted by the behavior and health habits of the businessperson, which directly affects the company’s productivity.

So, if back pain is bad for everyone, what are the causes, and what can we do to prevent the problem or solve it, as the case may be? Generally, the causes of back pain can be traced back to 3 main factors. These are:


1. Stress

When you apply to much stress on your back, this can quickly lead to injuries. As a businessperson, you might have to put your back under a lot of stress while jumping from one end to the other, so that the business can keep growing. If you have to lift or move heavy objects while in the process, then the problem gets even worse.


2. Routine

By routine here, we are talking about how certain movements performed several times over a long period of time can affect your back, leading to back pain. If you have to twist and turn, for example, you would have to rotate your spine. Now, when this is done way often, it starts to leave a painful blueprint on your back.


3. Sedentariness

This is a slow and dangerous enemy of every businessperson’s back. As businesspeople, we probably have to sit in a chair a lot. It could be in the office attending to daily activities and overseeing the business, or in the car, moving from one part of the city to the other. It could even be worse.

You could spend hours sitting on a long flight, only to come to the end of it and jump into a waiting car, sitting for another hour. Well, if you stay and work near KL City Area, you’re expected to stuck in the jam of 53 Minutes, for every single day!

All those hours of sedentariness are bad for the back. Even though you are engaging your brain and strategizing on how to get the best deal for your business, you are not moving the rest of your body too much.

Add that to a bad sitting posture and inadequate support for the back, and it gets even worse.

Most causes of back pain will come around to these 3 factors, before anything else. Most times, even the other factors are influenced by these main factors.

That is why it is important to tackle it and solve your back pain problems, for your own optimum health and the smooth growth of your business.


How To Prevent And Solve The Problem Of Back Pain

So, you understand how back pain has been preventing you from enjoying optimum health or even to optimally grow your business. You surely don’t like that. So, how do you put an end to it and prevent it next time? Here are a number of tips for you:


Strech Your Muscle


Stretch Your Muscle And Move Your Joints Daily

Perform daily muscle stretches and joint movement for approximately 15 minutes a day to keep the back worked and protected. This will help your spine have a good stretch and ease the stress built up already. You can also take this further by visiting a chiropractor.

You can contact the experts at OsteoCare Malaysia to help you out with that. They won’t just help you stretch and move the joints in your spine. They will also help you align those joints.


Exercise Regularly


Exercise Regularly

Perform physical activity on a regular basis, since sedentary life is not only a risk factor in the generation of back pain but is responsible for the aggravation of the problem. It is recommended to perform at least 3 sessions of exercise a week and, if this option is not possible, walk at least 45 minutes at a good pace per day.


Watch Your Diet


Watch Your Diet

Pay attention to your diet and follow healthy eating habits. Restrict saturated fats by choosing healthy fats such as Omega-3s present in bluefish.

It is important to eat adequate proportions of carbohydrates and choose those that come from complex carbohydrates (pasta, whole grains), consume fruits and vegetables every day as they help cleanse the body and reduce the appearance and perpetuation of chronic pain.

Also, do not forget to maintain a correct level of hydration trying to reach at least two liters of water daily.


Adopt a Good Posture


Good Posture

Adopt good postural habits in moments of relaxation. Ideally, keep your back straight and fully supported on the back with your shoulders relaxed and your knees aligned in height with the hip or a little below it. Bad posture over a long period of time can leave a bad print on your back.

You need the right professionals to help you correct that, solve the problem, and guide you in preventing it in the future. Luckily, the professionals at TAGS understand what it takes to correct your posture and take away the pain permanently.


Good Sleep Positions


Good Sleep Positions

You need around 8 good hours of sleep daily. That is a third of the day. The position of the body at this period will have a big effect on the back. There are two recommended sleeping positions for you.

One is sleeping on your back. This is beneficial because it is a neutral position for your back, neck, and spine. The pressure is taken off, thereby reducing back pain.

Another highly recommended position at bedtime is on the side resting on the left side of the body (it helps to prevent reflux by the position angle of the stomach), as long as we place the arms with 90-degree shoulder flexion so that they are free and do not carry all the weight on them.

In addition, consistently use a pillow to keep the neck aligned with the rest of the back. Get rid of the old mattress and get a new one from Dreamrex to have a better sleep at night. If you need to go for a neck pain treatment, Osteocare Malaysia is the suitable place for you.


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Watch How You Sit


Watch How You Sit

Maintain postural hygiene in the workplace. Business people that run their business mostly from inside the office spend many hours a day sitting in a chair.

So, it is essential to take care of aspects such as not crossing the legs, resting the feet on the floor, aligning the hips with the knees, having the shoulders relaxed and elbows at right angles and adapt the position of the chair.

This is also true for when you are constantly on the go and in your car. The position taken in the car is also important. When setting out on a trip, you have to adjust the height of the car seat well.


Consult A Physiotherapist for Back Pain


Consult A Physiotherapist

In case the discomfort persists, it is necessary to go to the physiotherapist. In consultation, the professional will not only alleviate the symptoms of pain but it will provide a plan and regular routine of exercises to control it and prevent its reoccurrence.

We highly recommend the trusted professionals at Yap Chan Kor. They’ve been delivering great services for decades.


Consider Surgery

Sometimes, back pain can be serious, and waiting for things to ease up naturally might feel like forever. Why not consider having spine surgery? This would help you quickly correct what is wrong so that the back gets fixed in record time.

When going for surgery, you need professionals you can trust. Investing in professional back surgery works when handled by highly trained and experienced professionals like Dr. Pan and his team of highly dedicated professionals in Pan Orthopaedics & Spine Surgery. They are located in Singapore. You should visit them at your next business meeting there.



Your back is a huge part of your movement and helps you conduct business optimally. Getting rid of your back pain is of utmost importance. That is why you need to go for the back injury treatment. When you do so, you can focus less on the pain and more on your business gain.