Automatic Employee Identification Solutions For Your Business

When you have employees hired in your company, it is necessary to keep up with their information and consistency towards the company. As technology is rising every day, most of the companies are following to use the identification system for the employees through thumb printing.

There can be several reasons for using identification system such as to check over the time in and time out for the employee. It measures their attendance automatically on the system, so no one has to record it manually. The thumbprint identification system for the employees saves time for the company along with creating the data which is based on facts. No one can change that data as the thumbprints are not identical with each other.

Most important, everyone has different thumbnail print so no one can forge anyone’s attendance even if the boss is not there. To keep the work aligned within the organization, it is necessary to follow the technologies so that you are not behind in the market. When we talk about technology in Malaysia, the first company which comes to mind is Codesys as it is the well known for ID card printer supplier in Malaysia. Here are some of the details about Codesys which provides updated information system products to the companies at an affordable rate.


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Employee Thumbprint Identification System



The location of Codesys is in southern Malaysia in the corridor of Johor State. It is a Malaysian based incorporated company which is there for more than 20 years with consistent service to the customers.

They have experience of dealing with various customers since it established. The products and solutions are there for the companies to assure security for the employees and its data.

The AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) solutions are there for the clients to avail. Most of the manufactures, multi-nationals, retailers, health care and many other industries purchase from this company. Even the educational institutions have started to take an interest in keeping this system to ensure the presence of the employees on time.

Codesys provides excellent solutions to companies through technology and helps them through hardware and software. The products get optimized timely to make sure that solutions are instantly available for the customers.

Along with that, there are customized solutions as well to retain the old clients depending on their need. It ensures to become one of the most trusted company for the customers so that they start depending on them. Every time you need something related to the technology of the information system, for example like barcode scanner you can refer to Codesys. They

The experts are there to help you out with listening to your concerns and offering the optimal solutions for it through service or products. The challenges are faced by the employees to make sure that the customer’s experience is memorable. It also makes sure to meet the needs of the individuals to keep them satisfied throughout.

Each customer is helped by the professionals to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. The customers have value to reach their satisfaction level at best through services, solutions, and products. Old customer’s retentions are the focus and attracting new ones is the primary objective of Codesys with exceptional services and products.


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