Audio Visual Equipment Technology Providers in Kuala Lumpur

The use of display and audio technology to proffer an individual’s problem needs to be done by people who understand the way it works. Audiovisual system exercise has a lot of elements to consider, like the engineering audiovisual design, programming, actual installation and supply, and quality monitoring testing.

The project operation crew should design an analytical resolution in order to achieve prompt and affordable budget delivery of the whole audiovisual system to the customer. This particular machinery is diversified. It has its presenters, software, a display unit, audio speakers and several other components of the presentation machinery.

Thorough preparation is required in producing designs related to an audiovisual presentation. A professional is also needed for the slightest obtrusive plans during the process of enact one’s duty.

There are specialist music store in Kuala Lumpur which they should ensure that the wiring is invisible, the displays are anchored on the walls, speakers are fixed on housetops, the projector screens can be retracted and finally, the remote system should be centrally regulated. It is essential that one seeks a professional that would deduce the appropriate machinery to be used for the specified job and at the same time working within the stipulated budget.


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Business Display & Sound System


V-cube Inc.

A renowned company that works on audiovisual implementation system is V-cube Inc. This company was launched in 2009. an associate company of V-cube Inc listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange provides digital application solutions for B2B enterprise companies from various core industries in Malaysia and across the region.

They supply digital application solutions to B2B enterprise companies and several other companies that deal on audiovisuals in and around Malaysia. V-cube also promotes and provides visual communication services to individually owned firms. Firms that make use of V-cube’s services can as well utilize the visual communication services for several functions asides web conference meetings.



DOREMi is another good company that deals on audio and visual display. It was structured 30 years ago in Malaysia. DOREMi is an all-inclusive, retail, rental and event company. You can purchase a wide range of quality sound, lightings, and music products from DOREMi the best music store in Malaysia.

They are thoroughly skilled in the organization of international and regional concerts or events. DOREMi has a world class customer service. It pays great attention to details when manufacturing musical sounds. Their technical crew is always available to assist you with your goods, installations, and ceremonies.

They are exceptional because of their colossal customer service review from clients in and outside Malaysia. DOREMi thrives on its in-house training for over 40 of its staff to provide you with professional customer service. It treasures and places great importance in details to make music sounds better than yesterday.


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For excellent presentations, impactful content is essential. Visuals and audios for your business presentations can be purchased at either V-cube or Doremi. They are two outstanding companies that deal on visuals and sounds.