Asia School of Business and The Services Offered

Typically, a business school is a university-level institution that offers degrees in business
administration or management. And within that sphere, a university will have a few internal
schools which includes school of management, school of business administration, or colloquially
b-school or biz school.

A business school will cover topics on accounting, administration, strategy, economics,
entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, management science, management
information systems, international business, logistics, marketing, organisational psychology,
organisational behavior, public relations, research methods and real estate among others.

On that note, Asia School of Business (ASB) could possibly be the direct and clear solution to
your future pathway in entrepreneurship and the likes of it. Founded on 9 April 2015, Asia
School of Business was born through the collaboration between Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT
Sloan School of Management, following the need for highly-qualified and industry ready talents
to fill the demands of the exponential growth and opportunities of Asia.

Moreover, with the collaboration and instillation of MIT DNA, the theory and practice are then
brought together. Asia School of Business’s curriculum is taught by world renowned faculty, MIT
Sloan School of Management and ASB’s residential faculty. Did you know that in Cambridge,
Massachusetts (USA), there is a prestigious core curriculum that is also delivered and taught in
Kuala Lumpur’s ASB? Get a global perspective from internationally renowned experts,
complemented with Action Learning projects across Asia.

With that being said, ASB sets out to challenge the conventional thinking and grow beyond
business. As quoted by Poets&Quants, ASB has the most innovative Master of Business
Administration (MBA) program globally today since it provides the tools to empower minds for a
broader perspective through the collaboration between Bank Negara and MIT Sloan School of
Management, the global experts in business.

The Asia School of Business MBA curriculum highly portrays the meticulous and quality of MIT
Sloan with the insights and perspectives of Asia for a thorough comprehension of global
business dynamics. The program includes the integration of MIT Sloan and Industry Treks that
expose our young leaders to businesses across various industries. Action Learning is also one
of the main aspects of this curriculum as it allows students to get their hands dirty and unique
experiences with a host of global partners on impactful business issues.

ASB also offers MBA programs for Working Professionals (MBA-WP) which is a transformative
22-month program designed in module format for the working professionals. Hoping to offer the
best of both worlds, MBA-WP students take roughly half of their courses with MIT Sloan’s most
prestigious faculty and half with ASB faculty who are based, researches, and well-versed in

Visions and missions beyond measures, ASB hopes to be a global knowledge and learning
center infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asian and emerging
economies. Simultaneously, becoming a premier school of management not only in Kuala
Lumpur but Asia, recognized for its ability to develop transformative and principled leaders who
will contribute to a better future and to the advancement of the emerging world.
Students and staff faculties alike are well-versed and supportive of ASB’s mission. Through
transformation and principles, they coexist and share the same vision to build a global
knowledge and learning institution despite the diverse in culture.

With their advanced and excellent facilities provided by Malaysia’ prime banking, Bank Negara,
students will definitely be getting more than just a learning experience. Currently, the campus is
located on the grounds of Bank Negara Malaysia’s most modern and well-equipped knowledge
and learning center, Sasana Kijang that hosts both learning and residential facilities which is
currently under construction.

With such an advanced and progressive learning environment, Asia School of Business sets out
to be the top business school in Kuala Lumpur for not only Master in Business Administration
(MBA) but any form of degree in entrepreneurship.

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