Are you looking for a new phone? A brand-new iPhone may seem attractive enough, although we all know that it will definitely cost you a fortune. Some people may go for a cheaper option by getting a refurbished iPhone, but will a refurbished iPhone give the best performance to its user?

Many refurbished phones are said to perform as fine as a brand-new iPhone, since all refurbished phones will undergo repairs, maintenance and fully tested before they are sold to the customers. Hence, why would you pay more when you can get yourself a new phone with a lower price? It is important for you to reconsider choosing the best refurbished iPhones offered by Seibifon, which can save you a great amount of money!


As a customer, the quality and price will always be the top priority before buying a new smartphone. Do not worry about that, as Seibifon will ensure all refurbished iPhones that are for sale will undergo a strict refurbishment process and quality check before they are available to purchase. The best part is you are also able to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 at only RM 650 from Seibifon!

iPhone 7 comes with a touch ID, A10 Fusion chip with a great battery life. 12MP camera with 4K video as well as an optical image stabilisation. With the great price offered by Seibifon, their 32GB refurbished iPhone 7 might be the perfect for choice for you as it also comes with water and dust resistance features.

Another factor that must be taken into consideration when you are buying refurbished phones is to make sure that all SIMs are unlocked in your new smartphone. Seibifon will also ensure that all SIMs are unlocked when you purchase for them. Secured with a payment merchant, all your payment transactions made through the website will be safe!

Not only there is a free delivery charge around Malaysia, but you may also add an extension for another 180 days warranty for only RM100. With every purchase of Seibifon’s refurbished iPhone 7, you will also be given a warranty card, SIM removal tool and the protection film for your phone.

Available in two colours which are Black and Silver, make sure to buy refurbished iPhone 7 only from Seibifon as they offer the best refurbished iPhone for sale with a great price!