Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car

Despite many people saying that renting a car is not worth it, the fact is that car rental services and companies are thriving. While owning your own vehicle is still an attractive option, there are still times where renting one does present its merits. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should rent a car.


1. Special Occasions

One of the most obvious reasons for renting a car is for that one special occasion. For these days, a perfect ride can be the ideal start or end to your special day. In Malaysia, special events such as weddings and anniversaries should be rewarded by an equally special ride as well. Create a special memory by riding in the car of your dreams for a truly unforgettable experience down the wedding aisle. You can even hire a car rental with driver so that you can simply enjoy the ride with your significant other.


2. Road trips

The worst thing that could happen during your long-awaited road trip is to get stranded by the road due to a busted carburettor or engine. Despite taking the best precautionary steps, driving your 20-year old workhorse for road trips can be a challenging and risky experience. Car rental companies usually conduct regular maintenance of their vehicles. Renting one saves you the hassle of something unfortunate from disrupting your road trip. Besides, it also saves your car from the wear and tear of long-distance road trips.


3. Test drive experience

Do you know how car dealers always choose the smoothest stretch of road for your test drive session? Well renting that exact car model that you have been eyeing for can give you a more genuine experience. Drive around the city blocks for a day or two, or travel interstate to give yourself a feel of that long-distance driving experience. Car rental services give you an insight into what it’s like to be owning and driving that exact car model.


4. Travel destinations

Ideal for travellers, renting a car while at your destination gives you more freedom than having to commute on public transportation. Say no more to ticket queues and just rent a car to get around to your desired attractions and destinations. On the other hand, you can always get a car rental with driver if you are unfamiliar or not confident about driving in a foreign place. The driver can even show you hidden gems if he or she is a local.


5. Specific needs

Regardless if you are moving or going on a camping trip, your current vehicle might not be up for the task. You might need a car that can fit more passengers or simply have more room to fit all your stuff. This is where renting a car can be the ideal solution for your needs. Get a sporty SUV for that outback camping trip or a pickup truck when you are on the move.

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