5 Comic Bookstore In Kuala Lumpur

Looking for anime merchandise in Malaysia was not always an easy task. These niche-based shops are unlike any conventional merchandise stores that can be simply found in every other major shopping mall. However, finding one is actually easier than you think. If you are an aspiring collector or simply looking for quality anime figurines, here are the top 5 anime shops in Kuala Lumpur where you can get quality merchandise items.


1.Litt Tak Hobby Centre

Let us kick things off with a bang. Litt Tak Hobby Centre is most famously known as the official distributor of Gundam merchandise in Malaysia. Gundam plastic models or gunpla, are available in varying grades of detail and complexity. Having their own retail store as well, you can easily find almost every single model kit that you want from your favorite Gundam anime series. Being the official distributor, you can definitely find kits of all grades here alongside builder accessories such as cutters and paint coats.

2.Merchandioz – Omocha and Design

If you know a thing or two about Japanese, then you definitely know that the word ‘omocha’ means toy. True to its name, they sell a wide range of anime toys and merchandise items. A thing to note about the store is that they also sell pre-loved merchandise items which can sometimes contain some rare finds. You can also find plenty of cosplay props from many renowned anime series.

3.Gempak Starz

Gempak has always been a household name when it comes to comic books and mangas. Other than having both local and international comics, they are also one of the top anime shops in Kuala Lumpur. They sell original merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia from your favorite anime and manga series. An interesting fact to know about Gempak is that they are currently partnering with Kadokawa Japan which is one of the most famous names in the comic book industry. Not to mention that you can even get your favorite merchandise through their online store!

4.Fantasy Toys

Situated in Lowyat Plaza, Fantasy Toys stands out as the only anime shop among a sea of mobile phone stores around. They have some of the widest variety of merchandises available in any anime shop in Kuala Lumpur. If you are looking for a jack of all trades, they are most certainly your best bet. Having collectibles and merchandises from animes, mangas, Diecast, and even RC drones, their extensive catalog will almost certainly have everything you are looking for.

5.Gamers Arena

Before we wrap things up, Gamers Arena is also one of the top names when it comes to getting anime merchandise and toys. With a focus on mecha model kits and PVC figurines of your favorite anime characters, you can also get tools such as clippers, decals, top coats and more. Being a crowd favorite due to their relatively competitive price tag, you should always pay them a visit if you are looking for some model kits or figurines.


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